InstantHelp is an online training provider, providing leading digital courses on the market to professionals and individuals around the world. With content written by online training experts and very competitive prices.

What sets InstantHelp apart from the competition is its focus on usability. Students receive long-term access to resources designed to prepare them and equip them to use their education in practice. Thanks to the market-leading LMS, InstantHelp can also provide companies with data on corporate training programs, enabling them to make the most of their investments.

Our mission

At InstantHelp, we are committed to making global corporate education easily accessible anytime, anywhere. Our online courses allow your staff to learn from the office or home even the most complex training or applications. You can connect to our platform via any device via the internet.

Develop your teams remotely with our help through the InstantHelp Support Team at No matter where your staff is, we will help you create a world-class team.

“We envision a world where anyone, anywhere will have the power to transform their lives through learning.”