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  • Website Design +Digital Conversion

    Website design is more than just making your page look good! At THINKEASY we create custom websites with high interest to increase your sales….

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  • Emergency Support WordPress Sites

    Our team of skilled developers can provide you with instant support on all WordPress sites around the clock, 24×7. So, whether it’s a white screen, security breach…

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  • Sale!
    Wordress Upgrade Service

    WordPress Update Services from InstantHelp
    With WordPress Updates, you can rest assured that we will take care of all the updates on your site, whether they are basic…

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  • Security settings in WordPress Site

    Reduce security risk by applying best security practices

    Install add-ons that address basic security risks, login protection, and backups of your database



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  • Remote technical support

    For those who need something more like the fastest solution service we have to offer you our Remote Support.

    It concerns individuals and companies that face…

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  • Security Setup WordPress

    Reduce security risk by implementing security best practices

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  • Corporate identity – Logo design

    Through the design of the corporate identity we highlight the personal characteristics of your business and what makes it different. Describing a set of concepts, and culture, we succeed…

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